Waterfalls in Luang Prabang that Make You Fall in Love With

Luang Prabang in Laos is a fascinating city that lures people with its picturesque natural beauty. Over the years, the city’s tourism has expanded allowing the world to experience its true essence. One prominent attraction many travelers love about this place is its scenic waterfalls. While the beauty of Luang Prabang falls are enough to excite anyone, there are also many other things to do and see near the falls. Here’s a detailed guide to help you explore these amazing places.

Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si is the most famous Luang Prabang falls and is located 30km from the city. It is no doubt that you will be attracted to this waterfall at first sight because it is simply spectacular and apparently a not - to - be missed attraction of Luang Prabang Tours. This is a giant, three-tiered waterfall that leads to a 50-meter drop and flows through a limestone-rich jungle. It is really interesting to see how the cascades of water get collected into magnificent pools as it flows downward. Even though you have to walk a little bit through the jungle, the path is not risky as it is well maintained. 

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If you are thinking what to do in this Luang Prabang falls, the list is endless. There are so many things one can engage in to make the trip worthy and entertaining. Firstly, you can visit a bear sanctuary you will come across near the entrance to the falls. Here you will see rescued bears wandering happily and spending a relaxed time.

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Another fantastic site to explore when visiting Kuang Si Falls is the Butterfly Park located a few hundred meters from the entrance of the falls. The Park has nice setting, tranquil atmophere and very friendly and passionate staffs. Tourists coming here can not only have a chance to immerse in the beauty nature but also learn a lot about larvas, cocoons and many gorgeous butterflies. Furthermore, you can spend time having the fish massage in the pond or enjoying a nice cup of coffee before leaving this fascinating place. 

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You can also embark on a mini adventure before you reach the waterfalls by hiking through the lush greenery. The journey can be a little exhausting but you won’t mind it when you take your time to appreciate the magnificent beauty of the surrounding. 

Kuang Si waterfalls offer its visitors with a variety of experiences that are both fun and energizing. Enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters under the falls until you max out with excitement. The many pools available here are not too deep and are ideal for both adults and children. Still, there are some pools considered as sacred that you should not intrude. Respect the signs and only swim where permitted.

If you don’t fancy swimming, you can even just lie under the shades of trees nearby and relax. And don’t forget to snap great pictures with friends and family to make this trip an unforgettable memory of a lifetime.

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How to Get There:

It is pretty easy to get to this iconic waterfall and it takes around 40 minutes by tuk tuk, car and mini van from the city. Another options are cycling, riding motorbike or taking a boat trip.Thereafter, you only have to walk through the entrance and eventually cross a small bridge.

The Kuang Si waterfall is open for visitors every day from 8.00A.M to 5.30P.M and the entrance fee is 20,000kip. It is recommended to go early to spend some quality time in the falls and enjoy well. 

Tad Sae Falls

Located 20km from the city, this is the other famous Luang Prabang falls that you shouldn’t miss on your tour. Even though it is not high as Kuang Si, there are many streams of water that gushes down to form magnificent pools. There are also plenty of facilities like public toilets, changing rooms and also a small restaurant.

The sight of this falls is incredible and will definitely make you want to swim in the fresh cool water. If there are kids, you can choose a pool that isn’t too deep and let them enjoy well. Hiking around the waterfall is also a famous activity among tourists because it lets you to experience pure nature.

What is more, Tad Sae falls offer you an assortment of exciting choices such as Ziplining and riding and bathing for elephant. These activities are really fun and well - worth the trip. If you are a person who loves to test your adrenaline rush, these are perfect.

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Ziplining in Tad Sae Falls

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Elephant Bathing in Tad Sae Falls

How to Get There: 

The Tad Sae waterfall is only accessible by boat which means you can use other forms of transport only up to the river bank. However, the boat ride is a fun experience that you will surely love. The boat ride costs around 10,000kip and it is better if you go in groups so that you can negotiate the prices.

The waterfall is open every day from 8.A.M- 5.30P.M and requires an admission fee of 15,000kip. Try to go early if you want to spend some time exploring the surrounding as well as swimming in the falls.

Best Time to Visit: 

Tourists can visit these Luang Prabang falls at anytime of the year depending on your taste and hobby. Laos has 2 seasons Dry (November to April) and Wet (May to October) in which the dry season also happens to be the peak season. There will be crowds and the prices will rise up dramatically.

The rainy season in Laos is actually not as bad as you think. Although there will be torrential rain, it goes quickly leaving the sunshine, blue sky and pleasant temperature. Moreover, this is also the green season, when the rain gives life to many plants and animals and makes the water of the falls bluer. It is also considered as the good time to visit the Luang Prabang Falls.

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April is the hottest month and August is the wettest. From November to Febuary, the weather is a little bit cool as well as the temperature of the water.

It is not recommended for you to come to Kuang Si Falls in between August and September because in this time of the year, the Mekong river usually has floods making the water unpleasant for swimming.

These two waterfalls are the most famous Luang Prabang falls that tourists almost never miss on their visit. While Kuang Si is more famous than Tad Sae, both have their own unique charms. They are ideal if you want to spend some time exploring the tranquilizing environment of a million of elephants land. They may not be in the heart of the city but is definitely worth the tour and the money. So, don’t forget to add these two impressive waterfalls in your what to do in Luang Prabang list with Laos Private Holidays.

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