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Within 16 days, our Indochina tours take you to a lot of outstanding destinations as well as famous World heritage sites in 3 beautiful countries Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Furthermore, you will have a chance to join in various activities and challenges to gain unforgettable experiences for your amazing journey in Indochina.

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As soon as stopping at Vientiane metropolis which is one of Asia’s most laid-back capitals that nestles in a curve of the Mekong River, you will be quickly arranged to meet Laos Private Holidays' Guide and skillful driver, transfer to your hotel, check in and relax at your leisure.

Interestingly, remember grabbing your camera and hitting the streets to broaden your horizons, you will feel like an indigenous person in no time!

  • Meals: N/A
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Vientiane

When mentioning to visit the tranquil city of Vientiane, this second day is designed to discover some typical highlights below:

Wat Phra Keo (built in 1565)–takes the pride in being the oldest and impressive temples that Vientiane always boasts of. For a long time, the famous Emerald Buddha image has been put here that draws thousands of tourists every year.

Wat Sisaket- is an awesome place that reunites not only cloister wall storing thousands of small Buddha images but also appealing architecture against the time ruledating from 1818. 

Pha That Luang (built 1566, reconstructed 1930). Possessing an outstanding architecture featuring traditional culture and special identity of Laos, this religious monument covered in about 1,100 pounds of gold leaf became the embodiment of Lao nationalism without a doubt. 

Patuxay – was built in 1957 with the crenellated upper level topped with five decorative towers in traditional Lao motifs, is one of Vientiane’s most noticeable landmarks. In terms of architecture, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris became an amazing inspiration for this huge concrete monument.Interestingly, from the highest position of this destination, you can easily look over awesome panoramic sights of the city. 

Talat Sao marketis where you ought to drop by if you are looking for purchasing something in particular.

Your afternoon tour kicks off by a 3-hour drive to Vang Vieng where played a leading role as a military airfield served for the war time in Indochna. Along the road, let's makes use of opportunities to gaze surrounding rural life and call on the fisher village Ban Houeimo in admiration. Upon arrival, hotel in VangVieng is where you will stay overnight after checking in.

  • Meals: Breakfast. 
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Vang Vieng

If culture, tradition and nature are your kinds of favor, it deserves carrying on your next excursion north to Luang Prabang which is a tiny mountain kingdom with ancient red-roofed temples and French-Indochinese architectures for thousands of years. Here, paved roads help your journey smoother. What is more, steep terraced fields and hill villages combine together making an outstanding landscape that permits ‘amateur photographers’ to snap unforgettable shots.  Besides, your valued time can be spent for seeing the lifestyle of people in the Muang Xieng Nguen village before heading to Luang Prabang.  

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang

As usual, you will have breakfast first, and thenmake an all-day excursion around Luang Prabang. In particular, this UNESCO World Heritage town will definitely ensure to make you impressed with the vegetable market and the former King's Palace, also help you gain an overview about its past and present. As a precious gift that Mother Nature dedicates to Laos, Luang Prabang is like best-preserved traditional city in Southeast Asia with plenty of imposing natural scene and cultural highlights typically the Wat Xieng Thong.

In the morning, once participating in our cruise lasting for about two hours along the Mekong upstream from the central Luang Prabang, the village of Ban Xang Hai will exactly be a fun experience that sticks in your mind for a long time. Here, enthusiastically come to know more about Lau Lao (Lao whisky) as well as Lau Hai (Lao wine), before moving on to myriad of images related to Buddhism inside Pak Ou Caves which become well known as a collection of two limestone caves on the left of the Mekong river. For those who are always curious about the earliest Lao style in the field of architectural design, Wat Visoun and Wat Aham are worth-spending-time destinations.

You are eager for standing at somewhere awe-inspiring to contemplate 360-degree sunset over the city as well as the Mekong River, right? Let's take Phousi Mount into your consideration for exploring the sacred, gilded stupa. 

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang

When it comes to alms giving ceremony, it is definitely an ideal opportunity for those who wake up early to get insight into cultural values of this region. For the purpose of seeing Luang Prabang monks in saffron robes processing in long noiseless lines and looking for offerings left to them by loyal believers, let’s get out of bed before 5:00 am and go to the crossroads.

Delight in your breakfast time, next our tour guide and driver will pick you up at hotel and take you to the morning Phosi Market where you can shop a wide range of goods such as dried buffalo skin, regional tea and saltpeter among the chickens, vegetables, or hill-tribe weavings and also interact with local merchants. Besides, visit the Ban Ouay, Hmong Hill tribe, Ban Ou, Lowland Lao and Ban Thapene of Khmu village where will give you an unique look about how Lao traditional crafts are made. Then, go on our drive through the forest paths to reach the spectacular Kuang Si Waterfalls where offers you blue-water poolsto splash around. After coming back Luang Prabang, get ready for your flight to Hanoi.

Follow our guide to the central city and check in your hotel upon arrival.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi

Today, why don’t you make the exploration of Hanoi romantic streets by your own style?

Taking the pride in wide tree-lined avenues, French-inspired architecture, tranquil lakes and antique pagodas, Hanoi deserves being adored by everyone. Without a doubt, Vietnam capital offers you numerous cultural and historical sites to discover in your tour such as the Ho Chi Minh Complex (Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum and stilt house); the Presidential Palace; the nearby One Pillar Pagoda; the Old Quarter; the Temple of Literature; West Lake; the sedate Tran Quoc Pagoda & QuanThanh Temple; and either the History Museum or the Ethnology Museum. Last but not least, an evening Water Puppet performance which reflects a unique style of Vietnamese art hailing from Southeast Asia’s wet-rice culture will relieve all your stress.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi

In this 7th day, you need to say Goodbye to Hanoi metropolis after having breakfast, then you can experience full sense of relish for 180-km excursion to Halong bay which is the jewel in Vietnam’s scenic crown has captivated the majority of tourists by Halong Cruise shuttle bus. 

Immediately once setting foot in this UNESCO World Heritage site, it will make you open your eyes due to natural beauty of over 2000 islands as well as thousands of limestone and jungles covered peaks, in which the towering peaks offer best types of rock climbing in Southeast Asia. 

Interestingly, your dream about delighting in meals from noon to evening on a luxurious cruise now can become entirely true. And, overnight stay onboard sounds awesome, right? This fantastic thing does exist!

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Overnight on the cruise in Halong Bay

Waking up in the early morning is highly suggested for you on this day. Not until observing aquamarine water of Halong Bay would you feel that kicking off your day before some hours comparing with other ones is worthy. After charging your energy with the brunch on boat, the stimulus of making new discoveries of surrounding stunning limestone will relax you much. Next, go on your excursion by transferring back the landing-stage to Hanoi Airport for your flight to Danang. As soon as setting foot in Hoian, rapidly transferring to your arranged hotel in order to check in is a necessity. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An

On this day, follow our tour guide as well as put your mostly energy into walking around the attractive Hoian port town. In fact, 16th century witnessed Hoian to be the national center for the business-related itinerary. Wandering along quaint cobblestone streets appealing with ancient Chinese houses that have existed for more than two hundreds of years, is definitely the best way to take in Hoian's charm. Inspired from Chinese, Japanese, French and European architectures, the Old Quarter reflects something typical for East-West cultures. Let's drop by a tiny Covered Japanese-style Bridge built in the 16th century by merchants coming from Japan, the Phuc Kien Assembly Halls of Chinese influence, or Hoian Fish Market where gives us a unique look into day-to-day life of locals here.

Thanks to lots of tailor-made shops along the town, you will have chance to find for yourself beloved clothes/suits/dresses in different styles and colors.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Hoian

Start the day with an early pick-up to other tourist attractions in Danang. Discover amazing scenes and alluring beaches here which deserve the nicest ones in Vietnam. Why don’t you stop at Lang Co where possesses long white sandy coastline that certainly cools down your with sufficient time to relax.

Then, allow stunning Hai Van Pass to lead you the way to Hue. Right here, you can look around and snap some priceless photos of Vietnamese striking scenerieslinking with the central coastline.

As soon as setting foot in Hue, quickly transfer to check in at the hotel. Afterwards, cycling to a somewhat hidden, but an impressive architecture is the Royal Citadel. One time coming here is enough for you to realize that this World Heritage Site should be must-visit destination for any tourists in Hue. Finally, return your hotel.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Hue

Wake up early and enjoy the beauty of sunrise in Hue. With your own amazing travel style, your Hue tour begins with a deliberate excursion by bike to experience up close lush paddy fields and undisturbed local areas.

The beautiful track along the Perfume River leads us to a distinctive garden house designed exactly as the geomancy rules. After that, join with us to gain insight into the most gorgeous long-lasting pagoda of Hue called Thien Mu. This pagoda was gone through several times of reconstruction since 1601 and served as a spiritual place under the reign of Nguyen Dynasty's Kings until now. Undoubtedly, dive in the fresh air in this scared site, it will permit you to be out of daily pressure and more significantly find yourself losing within this bustling life. For this reason, Thien Mu pagoda which is the unofficial embodiment of the former imperial capital, has become the unending inspiration for Hue folk rhymes.

Next, embark a boat once going away from the Thien Mu pagoda to visit the Minh Mang Mausoleum, an ancient tomb confronting the strict rule of time throughout many generations. Your afternoon will be dedicated to the Mausoleum of Tu Duc who isthe fourth King of Nguyen dynasty, took control the longest reign in history. Then, pay a visit to Tu Hieu pagoda before returning with our driver to the airport for arriving in Saigon.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Saigon

After breakfast, our next destination is Cu Chi Tunnels, the historic shelter of Vietnamese soldiers during the war. Particularly, you are bound to have fun discovering the secret way-in, mysterious traps, underground system of bunkers and hermitages as well. Moreover, in order to help you open horizons about how terrible historic life that Vietcong guerrillas overcome, Cu Chi Tunnels brings you opportunities to use real guns and bullets at rifle range, or even creep into the clandestine hide-out.

If you have an eager for getting more comprehension of anterior life, let’s hesitate at nothing to self-unwindand try green tea and tapioca like what Viet Cong did duringthe tragic period of War.

Coming to this metropolitan area, it is highly recommended to drop by the Old Post Office of Saigon, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Dong Khoi Street and the Chinese District of Cho Lon as well as BinhTay Market which are typically historic spots. Besides, do not miss out on visiting Thien Hau pagoda - a spiritual end point for peaceful souls.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Saigon

First up in this morning is the departure to one of the most well-known floating market called Cai Be. Here, we plan to row a sampan to this vibrant market where reunites colorful goods including various kinds of fruits, vegetables, and dexterous handcrafted products made by locals. During time on boats, let's freely chat, purchase, and bargain with merchants for the best products as well as getting insight into their daily work here. If we have enough time, pay a visit to several of regional candy and cake manufacturing factories, or local houses, verdant orchards and ship-building yards by boat on river is an exciting idea.

It worth noticing that the trading boats’ amount in floating markets depends on how fruitful harvesting seasons is, and the close relationship between market supply and market demand. The reason is that the floating markets are dominant places for offering multiple fruit and vegetable types in Mekong Delta. In addition, the more popular up-to-date wholesale markets has become, the more the number of boats served for trade in Vietnam increases.

Regional restaurant will be available for your lunch. 

With the aim of having more comprehension about the simple trees' art, why don't you visit Bonsai Gardens in the afternoon? Indeed, featured by solid wood frames and extensive but slim branches, the bonsai non-stop shows of its ability to be formed into unique sculptures and created calming outcome. Finally, we you take a drive back to hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Transfer: Private car

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Saigon

Initially, the first delicious meal of this day will strengthen your heath a lot. Then, we will pick you up at hotel and transfer to the airport for your flight to Siem Reap.

In terms of itinerary, you will experience up close to the secret beauty of renowned architectural structures such as Bayon Temple, the Royal Enclosure, Phimeanakas, the Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King as well. 

However, do not forget to drop by South Gate of Angkor Thom which is appealing with numerous carved stones of vast human faces; and wandering around Ta Prohm where incredible mysteries uncovered behinds rots and ruins that become the major inspiration for Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie. To be honest, coming to Ta Prohm shrouded in dense jungle and taking a relaxing stroll through this marvelous destination, you will not be saddened when having valued chances to admire many huge fig, banyan and kapok trees spread their gigantic roots over stones, probing walls and terraces apart. All of them make up a harmonic and powerful combination between man and nature.

What is more, when it comes to the Heart & Soul of Cambodia, Angkor Wat surely summons its unforgettable image of an awe-inspiring temple that is stunning for both its grand scale as well as incredible details to everyone. Undoubtedly, contemplating the Angkor Wat’s architectural masterwork of ancient art, and walking around, exploring this massive monument via a wide range of galleries with columns, libraries, pavilions, courtyards and blue water ponds reflecting the mysterious temple will be the most awesome way to give you an authentic glimpse into this World Heritage Site. 

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Siem Reap

Fortunately, if the previous day doesn’t have enough time for you to make a profound discovery through Angkor - the land of endless variety, this 15th day will open another chance to explore secret temples here. First of all, we ought to consider the ancient capital of King Indravarman I (877-889) that is home to classical Khmer art and architecture. This worth-visiting site which non-stop awaits its dear guests is also viewed as the Rolous Group in the modern time. Here we go!

Carry on our trip with one of Angkor’s biggest temples dating from the 12th centuryunder the reign of Jayavarman VII named Preah Khan (Sacred Sword). For the purpose of accessing to graceful Banteay Srei temple originating the classical Khmer architecture, you need to pass through Khmer countryside in afarther 35km drive out of city. Afterwards, we will take a trip to Banteay Samre. 

To finish your late afternoon, come back the town and indulge yourself by freely discovering the Psar Chass (Old Market) situated right in the central Siem Reap, shopping and bargaining for the best souvenirs.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel in Siem Reap

After breakfast, you will be picked up and transferred to the airport for your depature flight.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: N/A

List of hotels we use: Best price, strategic locations, carefully-checked.

In Vietnam

Budget 3 - Star 4 - Star 5 - Star
Hanoi L'Heritage Quoc Hoa May De Ville Old Quarter Apricot
Halong Bay Lavender Cruise V'Spirit Cruise Glory Cruise Pelican Cruise
Hue Emm Hotel Alba Spa Hotel Eldora Hotel Indochine Hue
Hoi An Kim An Hoian Silk Boutique Belle Maison Dahana Hoi An Sunrise Hoian
Saigon Le Duy Hotel Le Duy Grand Muong Thanh Centre Majestic Saigon

In Laos

Budget 3 - Star 4 - Star 5 - Star
Luang Prabang Villa Chitdara Luang Say Residence La Residence Phou Vao
Vientiane Lao Orchid Salana Boutique Hotel Settha Palace
Vang Vieng Villa Vang Vieng Riverside


Hanoi L'Heritage
Halong Bay Lavender Cruise
Hue Emm Hotel
Hoi An Kim An
Saigon Le Duy Hotel
Hanoi Quoc Hoa
Halong Bay V'Spirit Cruise
Hue Alba Spa Hotel
Hoi An Hoian Silk Boutique
Saigon Le Duy Grand
Hanoi May De Ville Old Quarter
Halong Bay Glory Cruise
Hue Eldora Hotel
Hoi An Belle Maison Dahana Hoi An
Saigon Muong Thanh Centre
Hanoi Apricot
Halong Bay Pelican Cruise
Hue Indochine Hue
Hoi An Sunrise Hoian
Saigon Majestic Saigon


Luang Prabang
Vang Vieng
Luang Prabang Villa Chitdara
Vientiane Lao Orchid
Vang Vieng Villa Vang Vieng Riverside
Luang Prabang Luang Say Residence
Vientiane Salana Boutique Hotel
Vang Vieng
Luang Prabang La Residence Phou Vao
Vientiane Settha Palace
Vang Vieng



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